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    Wattman voltage not applying on heavy games


      Hello all,

      I bought a RX 480 reference (from gigabyte) 8gb 2 weeks ago and I was trying to undervolt it as much as I can.


      Before the change, I had a hd 7970 with afterburner and I removed the drivers and the MSI program.


      Using Wattman now, from 16.9.2 and now 16.10.1 drivers, I had on the state 7 1266MHz and 1025mv, which I thought it was great already (I'm attaching a screen).
      That voltage is applied when I try 3D Mark or other benchmarks, but (for example) when I launch Gears of War 4 or other heavy games, GPU-Z tell me 1,15V. (tried also HWInfo)


      It seems that Wattman settings are ignored.
      I was able to undervolt with the new version of Afterburner, but I get some 100%fan bugs and BSOD (not due to the undervolt as they are happening even with standard voltage), so I hope I could do it from Wattman directly.


      Someone can help me?

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            I have a similar problem.

            My gpu bios has modded last 3 power states, set as seen in image below



            • AMD Graphics Card
              • Sapphire rx 480 8g refference
            • Operating System
              • Windows 10 64bit
            • Driver version installed
              • Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.9.2 / 16.11.x


            If I use the latest whql signed drivers 16.9.2 and leave it at auto it works fine in benches.. but under heavy load, lets say witcher 3 it ramps up to 1.15v, card get noticeably hotter. If I set voltage control to manual, everywhere it goes to 1.065v or less and card is cooler(in every way).


            But if I use newer 16.11.x drivers, my settings are completely ignored, in games, no matter what I set, it goes to 1.15v, card even starts to throttle its clock.


            The thing is.. if I have no 1.15v setting in bios where does it take it from?

            I cant be the only one with that problem?

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                Hey! I am facing similar issue as yours and while searching for an answer I saw your post. I have sapphire rx 480 nitro+. On default voltage (auto in wattman) voltage increases up to 1.200 in games. However, if I change voltage settings to manual it shows 1.150 instead of 1.200. I think there is an 50 mv offset for rx 480 cards when voltage control is auto. But the problem is when I set to voltage to manual in wattman, games run @ 1.175 volt but drivers constantly crash with artifacts and changing back to auto does not work and I have to reinstall drivers. Basically, I cannot undervolt my card as setting voltages to manual causes crashes. Btw, I did not change power limit, can it be related with the issue? Thanks.

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              So far it works on the latest 16.12.1 driver, but I had to "workaround" install them. So if your still reading @ioreaper,try it

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                Do you have the Power limit set to it's highest value? (either +20 or +50 depending on the card). Is your computer power plan set to ;performance'?

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                    I have set +50 to the power limit and set my power plan to performance... I have to try with the latest driver anyway (already installed)...so far, I'm just using Afterburner with no graphs(so it seems it won't crash) with -96mv and set on Wattman 1150mv to the last step (and set +100mv to every other step).
                    With this, I can keep the undervolt with every game