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HD6650M flashes

Question asked by becky87 on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by becky87

I recently bought an Emachines G640G laptop, it was updated to windows 10 and the screen was flashing a lot.

I installed windows 7 Ultimate and the flashing stopped. I used the windows VGA driver first, no problems at all... Untill I installed the AMD driver!

The flashes came back... No matter what I do, every setting doesn't make any difference... when I use full resolution, full screen I get ra ndom flashes (Usually in google Chrome/Firefox or applications with webcontent, Internet Explorer works great...). In windows itself there is just occasionally a flash. (a horizontal line, radomly over the screen)

When I set down the resolution or the size of my screen (with big black borders) it stops... But I didn't get a big screen to use half the size of it....


I have the driver 15.301.1901 installed.

What can I do now? My games are very slow. I can't even play Fifa 13.... I'm very dissappointed, I couldn't find a solution... Please help me