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Fifa 17 directx crash Lenovo y700acz

Question asked by lionstar422 on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2017 by ray_m

I bought in this summer this laptop to play because in seller's page wrote in this laptop 1 integrated and 1 discrete vga have and they work with crossfire, but I dont see this., 2 days ago bought fifa17 and two new controller and i cant use, and I dnot know why.. I started to play the game and the intro scene finished, but after it is not working. I tried to look a troubleshooting on several forums even your EA forum, but without any success. I made the following things with my pc to fix this problem: refreshed my videocard card driver to the latest from the AMD official website , In the Radeon graphics settings I choosed the maximum performance. None of these fixed the problem. If I turn off the dedicated VGA card in the BIOS, the game will start, but the integrated graphics card on the motherboard has lack of power. Could you pelase help me? I cant play with this game properly, and i hope you have the solution already. I have the following notebook: Lenovo y700 Acz. Fx8800p 2,1 - 3,4Ghz / Radeon R7 / R9M385X/ 16 Gb ram. DX12. Pls help! I attach the dxdiag file.