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    DX9 Game Profiles and Crimson Are Broken...for a very long time now


      Based on what I can find, since January of this year people have been complaining about issues with DX9 profiles not working.


      Basically, any settings you adjust in a Crimson DX9 profile have NO affect on the game. You can adjust AA and AF...Frame Rate Target Control...etc...and nothing will work in-game. Freesync also doe not work. I've been experiencing all of this with Starcraft 2 since it's a DX9 based game that I play regularly. If you make adjustments in Global Settings, they too do not affect DX9 games or Starcraft 2 for that matter.


      However, it could also be a Crossfire issue. I'm on Crossfire with 290x cards and I notice that when I go to Global Settings and manually disable Crossfire, Frame Rate Target Control and Freesync work. It's annoying though because any time I want to experience the joys of Freesync I have to manually disable Crossfire, I simply can't have Crossfire set to Disabled in a DX9's game profile, because like I said....settings to not work.


      Look, I know DX9 is considered legacy now...and they are old games. But, nothing is working. I mean...there is zero functionality. I don't think it's an excuse to ignore DX9 simply because it is older. What's most concerning though is AMD appears to be oblivious to this issue. Nothing in their changelogs addresses this issues as a Known Issue. Unless they are just giving it the cold shoulder.


      Can anyone else attest to this? Can anyone confirm this along with me?