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AMD Driver crashing, black screens, feezes, hard locks etc...

Question asked by dstructuk on Oct 12, 2016
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[i]Hello everyone



Please be kind and take some time to read this in order to help a poor helpless soul out!





My Specs are:

Windows 10 64BIT Home

i5 2500k (Not overclocked)

AMD R9 290 (Not overclocked)

DDR3 1333 8GB Ram


Cyberpower 950W PSU



I Mostly use my PC to play games. I purchased this PC in 2011 from CyberPowerSystems and its been an absolute gem. In 2011 it came with another graphics card, it was 2014 that I upgraded to this R9 290 and its been great for me, no problems with it - with anything for that matter.


                                    [u] ...Up until approximately 1 month ago... [/u]



First symptom -



Playing a game. The game froze for a split second, then flashed black (lost picture/output/driver stopped responding), the game reappeared responsive for several seconds until the game froze again and then went black once again, this time on reappearing the game had minimized from a full screen application to a large window and the window was completely grey, still had sound but no visuals at all, just grey..... With an error message "Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware."



The above now happens daily, seems to be occurring more frequently than not as well, though it can differ.



For example some times, it will not give that error message nor will the window turn grey, instead it will just keep alternating between the normal picture and a black screen..... I am beginning to believe that this is the AMD driver crashing and restarting every 10 seconds, which does not stop until I have to reboot the system.



Other times, it will just stop responding completely with or without the black screen and my entire system is locked up, where again I must restart the system anyway.



Some of the error messages I am getting, as pop ups or in event viewer are:



[i]Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.



Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware.



Faulting application name: dwm.exe, version: 10.0.14393.0, time stamp: 0x578999ab

Faulting module name: atidxx64.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x57dc4d6f



Fault bucket LKD_0x141_Tdr:6_IMAGE_atikmpag.sys, type 0

Event Name: LiveKernelEvent

Response: Not available[/i]



What have I done?



Googled non stop, reading through other peoples similar problems trying all the suggested fixes, been asking for help and ideas with friends locally and ingame communities..

I feel like I am trying absolutely everything but nothing seems to be working.



I have used DDU and reinstalled the AMD driver. I have tried the latest driver, I have tried the next 1 or 2 down, I have tried one from months ago prior to all of this happening, I have tried using Windows Update to choose the driver for me, none of this made the difference.



I have performed a memtest, my memory is fine.



I have checked all temperatures, temperatures are fine



I have tried closing all background programmes



I have disabled all ingame overlays that may cause issues



I have closed application which apparently can cause GPU crashes



I have reinstalled all my games



I have wiped my hard drives entirely and reinstalled Windows and everything from scratch, redoing all of the above on a fresh machine, still getting the same problems



I have taken to MSI Afterburner, I have underclocked my GFX card bit by bit... Now all the way from 977 Core and 1250 Mem, down to 900 Core and 1000 Mem..... No difference



Seriously out of ideas now, there are only 2 more things that have stayed in the back of my head throughout all my research




1. Someone mentioned VRAM being faulty?

2. A few people are blaming Windows 10, stating reverting back to Windows 7 will resolve this.



Regarding #2. After spending 3 days redownloading all of my games which only completely this morning, I'd hate to wipe my hard drives again and have to go through all that again to find out its still doing it in Windows 7, so want abit more reassurance first that thats what could be the problem. Also I like Windows 10, I'd hate to not be able to use it.





So yeah. I'd like to think I am trying my best to get behind this and not being completely useless.. just sat on my behind not trying anything myself and just waiting for someone else to carry me through this, but i am just out of ideas now. Does anyone else have any ideas firstly on what the problem may be and secondly, most importantly, any possible solutions/fixes on how to fix this? (With all this said, this is ofcourse assuming that the problem is infact my graphics card..... That is what I am led to believe)



If you've read this far then I am very grateful for your time and any comments you could leave with tips and hints would be very appreciated



Thank you very much again