AMD Joins Gen-Z Consortium - an industry alliance working to create a scalable computing interconnect & protocol

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Interesting that the membership is missing a couple of big names. But the members are big enough players without them.


"A new storage industry consortium, the Gen-Z consortium with members from AMD, ARM, Broadcom, Cavium Inc., Cray, Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Huawei, IDT, Mellanox Technologies Ltd., Micron, Samsung, Seagate, SK Hynix and Xilinx announced a scalable computing interconnect and networking protocol called Gen-Z. The flexible high-performance memory semantic fabric provides a peer-to-peer interconnect that allows efficient and cost-effective processing of vast amounts of new unstructured data that will be generated by the Internet of Things, real-time processing demands and other emerging applications. This consortium is part of a bigger effort with other industry groups to create an open-data center architecture for the future." -- Gen-Z Enables Networked Pools Of New Memories


Gen-Z Consortium

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