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r9 380 shuts down pc.

Question asked by fly007 on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by arcticwind

Ive had my r9 380 since March this year, and has worked pretty good up until now.    And up until the 16.10.0 drivers set, some games simply would not run, and the drivers would just crash out.  So far, since 16.10,  I have not run into any of those issues.  However, now in some games, my system simply shuts off.  I have to disengage my psu, and then drain the power to even be able to boot it back up. This has only started happening within the last week or so.     So far, it has only started happening in Ark: Survival Evolved,  and usually only around things that seem to give off heavy particle effects in game.  If I turn away from said effects, sometimes I don't get the shutdown.  Most of the time I do. 


Going through all the other issues I've seen other people have that are similar, I keep seeing that the voltage on the card is wrong, or something to that effect.   But again, this issue has only started within the last week or so, and the only thing that has changed hardware wise, was I added a new ssd within the same month I added this card.


What can I do about this,  if anything?


I've added a dxdiag file, I don't know if it will help at all, but I am usually asked for one whenever I seek any help hardware wise.