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    Screen crash every time I open my computer win 10


      Hej every one!

      I changed my win 8,1 to 10 from the first month it came on the market and since then I have problems constantly with my screen and appiriance!

      I try to download the latest drivers from AMD website and even tried to update all y drivers in my computer manually but the problem now is worth than ever, when I turn it on I have a green screen crash, does anyone knows a soloution for this matter?



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          Something odd happened when I was asleep with my computer idling, the fan suddenly went high when the computer shouldn't be running anything and I turned on the monitor to find that the signal was lost, so I had to reset my PC.


          Windows 10 tend to 'update' your system files automatically, and it oddly ends up 'touching' drivers belonging to your display graphics for no reason at times, as I notice when looking at the blue 'exclamation' icon when you use the Security & Maintenance > View Reliability History tool in the Control Panel.


          You may see randomly on a day:

          Informational Events:    

               AMD Settings | Successful application Removal

               AMD Settings | Successful application Removal


          I'm not sure if your problem started AFTER you installed windows 10, or if this happens after a certain point of operating Windows 10.

          Also note that this is the first time my computer crashed like this, and on bios boot it tells me that the voltage and overclock has reset (I overclocked my GPU a little bit along with downvolting), but it shouldn't be unstable during idle (meaning the OS was running my GPU for some reason and crashed).