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DirectX / Direct3D / HD Audio Bus Driver Latency Issues

Question asked by chrisk_by on Oct 10, 2016

Hi People!


I hope that i can explain the issue with my broken english but i give my best

I own the Sapphire Radeon 390X Nitro and build up a whole complete new system.


Specs are:

Intel I7 6800K

First Mainboard (why first, i'll explain a little later): ASUS X99-A II

Second Mainboard: ASRock Fatal1ty X99X Killer

RAM: G.Skill RipJaws 4 RED (DDR4 2400 MHz)

GPU 1: Sapphire Radeon R9 390X Nitro

GPU 2: NVIDIA GeForce 660 (for CUDA)


Issue: Even if i install Windows 10 with the whole bunch of drivers i got terrible DPC / ISR Lags (tested with LatencyMon). The reported files are: dxgkrnl.sys and HDAudBus.sys (sometimes some NVIDIA drivers). The latency spikes are such as great that when i start a game which uses DirectX 11 (maybe 12 too) the sound ingame from the onboard soundcard (Realtek ALC1150) start crackling and popping like an old vinyl, 'caused by Sounddropouts of some drivers.



To prevent some hardware issues i uninstalled the NVIDIA Card and reinstalled Windows 10 completely. The Issue was still there.

I reinstalled windows 10 again and installed only the newest drivers of all components (Intel Chipset, AMD, (tried without and with NVIDIA Card) and so on). The Issue was everytime the same.

After getting frustrated i installed Windows 7 and inside the Games the weird sound crackling was gone. I thought the issue is fixed and gone but i been taught of a better one. I stream sometimes with OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) to Twitch. When i start OBS and put a mediasource into the scene (f.e. a MP4 Animation) the whole system starts to lag and sound crackling again from the finest sort of. LatencyMon say everytime the same two files. Sometimes USBPort.sys where i believe that it depend on the HDAudBus.sys 'cause the drivers, where it doesn't matter if its from microsoft or intel, new or old, fix the issue. Under Advanced Options of  OBS there's a menuepoint which calls: Renderer. Instead of Direct3D 11 i choosed OpenGL and believe it or not - everything works fine. But the Issue is still there 'cause i got sometimes system lags.



After all the problems i been very frustrated and contacted my hardware dealer. I asked him for any solution and he said, that it can depend on the mainboard and want to change it.

So i bought another one, because i read very much problems in the wide net with ASUS and Sound Issues, that i choosed the option to change the whole mainboard manufacturer. So the new second board is finally the ASRock Fatal1ty X99X Killer.



I tested with the new board windows 7 first. And hey... same issue as before. Windows 10 it's the same.

After crawling the whole wide net again i found, that NVIDIA got some problems with Windows 10 and DPC / ISR Latency which results in Sound Dropouts and system lags but i tested it everytime twice. With and without NVIDIA Card and driver after a new reinstall of Windows 7 and Windows 10. I can't see the installation screen anymore of any windows so often i installed it in one month.



So... whats the problem? I posted it synchron in the microsoft forum, obs forum and don't want to put it down in the nvidia forum too, 'cause i don't think that it depend on it.

The Realtek Sounddriver is currently the newest one from the Realtek FTP and should work fine (and believe it - i tried maaaaaaany of them). Tried the Intel USB Drivers old and new ones, AsMedia USB 3 old and new ones. Chipset drivers old and new ones (or even stock installations of windows itself). Shortly: I tried so many things that i don't know what i can do next.



So now my question:

Does anyone has the same issues with an X99/C610 Chipset in combination with an Intel I7 6800K or above? How can i fix it? What can i try next?

And yeah... i overclocked it but the issue is still there when i don't overclock it. The RAM works currently with XMP Profile (for 2400 MHz) but without (2133 MHz) the issue persist too.

It seems that Microsoft implemented some issues with the anniversary update of Windows 10. When Microsoft updated DirectX 11 to DirectX 11.4 (and i read something about a new communication with the drivers) that there are some issues with the communication and produce the high driver latency so that every driver which came after the dxgkrnl.sys and hdaudbus.sys will start to lag because the executiontime of the both drivers are horrible rising. But when they updated DirectX 11 in Windows 10 i think they updated in  Windows 7 too and so the issue is in windows 7 too. Thats the only explanation which i have. Or does someone got another? I hope so or i'll change the CPU too (for preventing an hardware issue if i got a monday cpu )




Greetings from Germany



PS: If you reached this line of reading the whole bunch of text then: CONGRATULATION AND RESPECT! Thank you that you want to help me