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Windows 10 Game DVR BUG since Catalyst 15.7

Question asked by chummy on Oct 10, 2016

Come on AMD. Since Windows 10 come out they launched that built-in Xbox App for game recording which is very useful, since it's for now the only APP which can record UWP games. But what's wrong then, there is always same story, softwares for AMD are most time broken and that is not different with Win10 DVR. Since AMD changed from OVE to Media Foundation in 2015 Win10 DVR break for VCE 1 & 2. Everytime i record a game it come with major artifacting in my 390 and not only me, there are more people which reported it before. Only way to fix it is rolling back to 15.7 driver from July/2015, all new drivers cause Win10 DVR artifacting.


The bug is there for more than a year.

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In Windows community people already reporting this problem since 2015.
Microsoft Community


Can we wait a fix by 2020 maybe?