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    HITMAN DX12 on A10-7860K - application has stopped working


      The latest AMD APU driver (16.9.2) crashes HITMAN on the DX12 codepath. It kills the AMD Radeon Settings as well.


      Haven't experienced crashes with DX11 API. Can't recall any stability issues (DX11 & DX12) with older driver (16.7.3).


      System: AMD A10-7860K (no dGPU)

      Game: HITMAN v1.5.1

      OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 - Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.222)


      Can someone please look into the matter?


      PS: is there a way to disable VSync when running HITMAN with DX12. It seems that somehow the game is forced to run with VSync on (I disabled this option in the Radeon Settings and the Game Menu). I cannot see any tear lines and PresentMon reports 0 for the AllowsTearing flag.