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    Eyefinity and 3 monitors


      Hi, so the question is how to set up a 1pc monitor and 2 TV-s, on pc monitor i need to have a normal desktop with icons  and on TV-s just a clean desktop without any icons, tv-s r primarily for watching movies and tv shows i don't need extended desktop just normal screen.

      Hope this makes any sense to you all

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          It sounds like you just need extended desktop.  If you GPU has 3 outputs that your monitors/TV's can accept, just setting up through Windows to extend the desktop with the PC monitor as the main monitor so only the icons are there. Similar to my work setup.  Just move whatever window you want to whatever monitor you want to move it to.  This laptop is about 4 years old and has an Radeon HD 7700M GPU in it.


          Screenshot (14).png