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No sound over HDMI after crimson 16.8.3

Question asked by veps2i on Oct 11, 2016

After a recent update to crimson 16.10.1 from 16.7.3 I lost audio over hdmi. Devices are shown in the playback devices list but as unplugged. After rolling back a few driver releases I managed to get the sounds working on version 16.8.3 but not on 16.9.1 or anything after that. Video is working fine over hdmi.



My onboard audio devices are disabled from bios and I tried clean installs with DDU. I also tried to uncheck the audio drivers update from the driver installation wizard with no success (audio driver seems to stay the same as before but no sound and HDMI audio devices show as unplugged).



I am rolling back to 16.8.3 for now but all the help to get the latest drivers working would be highly appreciated.


My specs:



Graphics Card:

     AMD R9 290X (Asus R9290X-DC2OC-4GD5) running at stock clocks



Operating System:

     Windows 10 64bit Anniversary




     Crimson 16.8.3 works, all versions after that don't (including latest 16.10.1)   



Display Devices:

     Optoma HD33 projector, audio stripped with Pioneer vsx-922 Home theater amplifier




     Asus p7p55d evo



     Intel core i5 750 oc'd at 3,4 ghz



Power supply:

     Chieftec-cft-750-cs 750 Watts