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    Windows 10 Update - Can't find the amd card


      Hi everyone,


      I have an Dell Inspiron with a Radeon 7730M graphics card. I was usying the amd 16.2.1 when my Windows 10 upgraded last week. I was facing screen luminosity issues after the update, so i decided to reinstall the graphics drives (intel and amd) to resolve the issue. I followed all the steps indicated by foruns (uninstalled the driver in control panel, used the lastest version of DDU).


      But after i uninstalled the drivers, i could't reinstall the amd driver because the instalation program doesn't recognize the card anymore. In the control panel, windows says that the graphic instaled is just: microsoft basic display driver.


      So, when i try to install the driver (tried the 16.2.1 and the lastest crimson driver too) the amd driver instalation says it could't find any compatible device in the computer...


      I tried to uninstall the basic display driver, but it didn't work too: amd can't find the card. I tried to use the autodetect utility but that didn't worked too, the instalation just freezes!


      What can i do? I restore the computer to a previous state, but now the graphics controler doesn't open, despite the games a working properly. The screen luminosity issue disappeared too, but i can't open the amd settings and if i want to upgrade the driver in the future i'm afraid i will face the same issue!