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    DX12 not work wiht new driver



      i installed crimson driver version 16.10.1....DX12 not work on any game!



      after this i installed the old version driver radeon-crimson-15.12 and DX12 working good!..but not have vulkan api 

      any fix for newer version please T_______T

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          You stated DX12 doesn't work on any game. That isn't correct- lots of folks here are running DX12 games using that driver. It sounds like the driver might not have installed properly. Did you try using the AMD Clean Uninstall Utility?


          Uninstall the drivers via the control panel as normal, but before rebooting run the utility. Then reboot and install the new driver. Also, make certain you disable any antivirus/security software temporarily first.

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            HI, i have Sapphire r9 280x tri-x and i can confirm dx12 games don`t work on driver versions 16.10.1 , 16.9.1 , 16.9.2 but work on 16.4.2

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              I found an solution, unistall driver, delete all remain parts of driver, i use Display driver unistaller, and co to my computer, local disk C and delete amd folder. Now, download driver version 10.4.2 or a version that work on dx12, install driver, after you installed driver and restart pc, go in my computer, local disc c, amd ,radeon-crimson-16.4.2(if you installed 16.4.2 driver), packages, drivers,display,WT6A_inf ,and there is a folder (for 16.4.2 is B301660, open this folder and search amdxc32.dll and amdxc64.dll, copy that files on desktop or where you want.Now, download last video driver 16.10.1, instal only package,chose another location like desktop, make new folder and extract driver package there, don`t instal driver, after extract package, close instalation. Now, open the folder where you extract new 16.10.1 driver package, open folder WHQL-Win-10-64bits radeon software crimson 16.10.1,packages,drivers,display,WT6a_inf,open folder named B307644 , and replace amdxc32.dll and amdxc64.dll with old 16.4.2 driver amdxc32.dll and amdxc64.dll. now go back to WT6A_inf and right click on C0307915 and install, wait and driver will be installed. After, try a dx12 game and se if work. For me worked and i have 16.10.1 driver now and can play dx12 games.Sry for my bad english, it try to help.