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    My AMD drivers only work without bsod if i uninstall AMD Settings. any idea why?


      the bsod ranges from "driver irql not less or equal" to "memory management" and i have yet to find anything to fix this problem other then when i ran AMD utility clean up for a fresh install it didnt fully remove amd settings so when i installed settings didnt get reinstalled. this fixed my problem for 11 hours before i tried to reinstall amd settings.


      I am running a brand new custom build:

      Mobo: ASrock z97 Pro4

      CPU: 4.0ghz i7 4970k quad core

      GPU: AMD rx480

      PSU: Corsair 850W (cant remember the specific model)

      ram: 16gb ddr3


      The crashes have plagued my pc for a month now on various iterations of drivers. i have tried almost every thing ive read online (mem86, chkdsk, sfc, new pci slot, several driver reinstalls, a system restore.) and this is the first time its ran without dieing spectacularly. im currently running windows 10.