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    FurMark prevents crashes (?)


      I still have problems with my XFX RX 470 Black Edition. When I install the graphics card without drivers (only with the basic Windows driver that gets automatically installed) I have no problems. However, after installing them, every 5-10 seconds, my screen gets black for 1-2 seconds and then reverts to normal. Before that happens, mouse cursor gets stuck and 1 second later the screen gets black. This behavior occur several times before Windows 10 crashes with a BSOD related to atikmpag.sys and VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE, and it is more frequent when I move my mouse cursor or I try to move a window. Because of this, I can only use my PC in safe mode; otherwise, Windows restarts a few minutes after login because of the BSOD.


      I tried every possible solution for this (Windows reinstall with HDD format, updating mobo BIOS, reinstalling every driver version from 16.7.3 to the last one, using CCleaner, disabling antivirus, setting high performance profile, and some other that I may have forgotten) with no results.


      I downloaded FurMark just to see if my GPU could work under stress conditions. I run it immediately after Windows login before any BSOD happens. Surprisingly, when I run the animation with that hairy donut thing, black screens and BSODs stop happening! When the test finishes, a few seconds later, black screens start appearing again. They also appear if FurMark's window gets minimized; it has to be at maximum size so they don't appear.


      This doesn´t make any sense! GPU gives problems when idle, and has to be under load so it works properly!



      I think this behavior is related to this: Could you offer a bios fix to a black screening RX480 8Gb (avoid RMA)?

      To all RX480 owners. Are you getting random black screens?


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          Sounds like a possible improper voltage and clock setting in the VBIOS. xfxsupport do you agree?

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            I can not answer your question but you are not helping yourself using FurMark.


            FurMark can damage your GPU.  These days a lot of GPUs can detect FurMark and downclock so no damage is done but it also makes any results generated totally useless.

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                How can FurMark damage my GPU? If it is due to high workload, then graphically intensive games could also damage it, right?

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                    FurMark is designed to push your GPU to totally silly levels of stress that are not found in even the most demanding games.


                    It is a bit like driving your car with the rev counter showing the engine in the red band as high as it will go.  You don't get any useful extra performance but it will damage the engine.


                    Fortunately a lot of modern graphics cards are designed to detect FurMark if it is used and then they will throttle themselves down to avoid damage.  This also makes any use of FurMark totally pointless as the results don't mean anything useful.

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                  Could be caused by a faulty psu. Possible inrush/low load current out of spec.

                  Evga 600+/600b are HEC(lower end(no mov)) builds.

                  Not a psu I would put in a gaming/oc pc.

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                    Well, Furmark currently helps me too with my RX 460.


                    Experiencing black screens (in my case I have a total PC halt instead of BSOD) since bought the GPU about a month ago.

                    Already changed the PSU for more new/powerfull and diagnosed all the major PC parts. Have no problems with high-demanding games, but can get black screen on idle desktop, watching videos of web-surfing. Also happens on the game loading screens (when GPU load is minimal - can hear this by GPU Fans speed) and in-game videos (no troubles with game-rendered cutscenes though).

                    And when launching the Furmark test even in the smallest resolution in background - I can launch games, watch online videos etc more freely. Still had some black screens in such case, but their amount is dramatically lower than "usual".

                    For me it's very likely to be an idle p-state problem.Gonna check the GPU on other system to make sure, but considering the amount of similar topics on the internet I almost have no hope this will show other results.