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Driver fails install Win10

Question asked by twinankhs on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2016 by goodplay

I tried to install the latest driver 16.9.2 after having 16.7.3? installed and it would not install. I got an install failure error.

Crimson Control Center said there was a newwer driver but it would not complete install ,and so I uninstalled and was going to to the hotfix 16.10.1

and that did not work. I used the uninstall and clean utilities with no luck.


I was able to force the driver to install manually after clicking on the Microsoft Display Adapter in the control panel and selecting the inf file manuall.

I needed to install the rest of the suite, but I manage to get that installed by right clicking the info and clicking install.


I cannot over install or re-install the driver with a newwer version.