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Displayport monitor does not work after AMD driver installation

Question asked by nighthawk on Oct 10, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2016 by poiati

Hi all, i've been struggling with this problem since around the win10 anniversary update. My Displayport-DVI cable started going bad (i.e. showing extreme pink discolouration, which completely vanished when I bent the cable a certain way but returned when I returned the cable to its original position), so I ordered a new one, which is when the problems started.


Problem: The monitor installed using a displayport to DVI cable shuts down and is undetectable by windows as soon as the AMD driver is installed. After this happens, only my DVI monitor still works, the DP to DVI monitor does not work anymore. In safe mode after DDU the Displayport monitor DOES work and the BIOS POST screen also DOES show on the DP monitor. Therefore I know the cable works.


Completely reinstalling windows and/or reseating the GPU, using the backup BIOS of the GPU or CMOS reset of the mobo BIOS also does not work. I am at a complete loss here. I also tried switching the monitors, but that just moved the problem to the monitor that now has the DP cable.


Installing older drivers does not fix anything either. I have no idea what I should do. Does anyone know any other things I could try?