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    AMD Zen will support Windows 64 bits?


      Hi! I have a question, Will AMD Zen support O.S of 64 bits?
      In the main page of AMD says it's x86, it will support x64?

      Sorry for my bad english, isn't my native language

      Thank's for your attention!

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          They will support 64 bit.

          x86 is a term that comes from intels line of processors. The first one was called 8086 (and the budget 8088) and was 16-bit followed by 80286 (also 16-bit) and the 80386 which was 32-bit. The last named like this was 80486. The term comes from the fact that most of these shared the 86 at the end therefore the instruction set was nicknamed x86. The pentium followed which broke this naming rule because of a ruling that you cannot trademark numbers. 

          So now x86 doesn't specifically mean 32-bit, although it can be used like that in some contexts.


          the most obvious reason is that 32 bit systems can only deal with 3,5gb so they will be dumb to make only 32 bit.

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            From what I have read ,yes ,of course,the Sad part is I also read that ZEN and the new Intel Kaby lake will only run on Windows 10,which would suck because W10 is such a crap(sorry,but true) OS,Wont install it on any of my machines.

            And yes,i've tried it,had it on my laptop for 6 months,went out and bought/installed 7 again,it was way faster,easier to use.Besides,look on the forums.mostly everyone's issues is with W 10 installs.My Opinion!