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AMD Laptops - More Power :3

Question asked by ferrekun on Oct 8, 2016
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Hi guys, new guy here. Not an English native so my grammars sometimes jumbled up lol. I hope you don't mind. I usually lurking at anime forums before real life took huge chunks of my time and anime forums disappeared. Now I got a bit more time to do what I want and at late August got my hand on Acer E5-553G FX9800p. Then I started to look for it's community everywhere but found none. Found a group of AMD enthusiast on facebook a while ago but I decided to find more and landed here in AMD Community. Well I know most people here are PC users. I know that in term of graphical performance laptops sucks and PC is way better, but my situation requires me to have a mobile computing for work and fun. That is why I choose FX9800p - R8 m445dx after comparing with similar price alternatives available where I live. I know Acer E5-553G is not perfect and has lots of problems, but it's the best that I can get for now I too encourage/advises people asking which laptop they should get to get it if their budget fits.


So here's what I have in mind. I wish there is/will be more love for laptop users from AMD and it's community. I hope more AMD laptop users joins AMD community and in return AMD can further developing their laptop processors/GPU line up. I want to contribute to AMD laptop users, sharing experiences and learning tips and tricks to enhance laptop's performance and so on. I hope everyone here don't mind and allow me to lurk here too ^^ Because I want to learn more about AMD laptops





Acer E5-553G-F79R

FX9800p Quad core up to 3.60ghz

R7 Graphics 512mb DDR3 (APU) - R8 m445dx 2gb DDR3 (GPU)

8gb DDR4 RAM

128gb SSD + 1 tb HDD


Edit: for mods, if this isn't at the right place please move it or delete it, I'll lurk around to watch and learn ^^