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I need help, very bad performance and crossfire problems

Question asked by domi515 on Oct 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2017 by syehalexandria

So i recently bought a "gaming" laptop, it was quite expensive and im still shocked that it runs worse than my 5 years old laptop which I bought for 3rd of the price. Im not sure why is it not working properly i've already been to service with it and got it back after a MONTH and they replaced one of my gpu's (r9 m385x) and it still has the same bad performance.I cant run any game at stable 60 fps, and im not talking about new games like Overwatch,Bf1(overwatch runs with 40fps,Bf1 with 20-30fps),but games that have 0 requirements like League of legends(easily drops under 60 fps),or Counter Strike Global Offensive(cant move without getting hard lags),The Forest (cant even move in that game i have literally 5 fps(maybe its becouse of bad optimazition)).

I have already said i have no idea what causes this. I will be enclosing the specs in 2png files. Side note: I'm pretty sure im using the right driver and still I have no crossfire option.


I will be looking forward for the answers, I'm open for anything. Thank you