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Does Windows 10 Pro support 5 or 6 GPUs?

Question asked by vegasecurea on Oct 8, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2016 by vegasecurea

Has anyone tried running 6 gpus on windows 10. Not in hexafire mind you.


I recently purchased a 3rd R9 295X2. Unfortunately, it was not as advertised so had to return it (seller said its used but works beautifully but when I tested no display at all). But not before taking a picture of it in my system and how it would have looked like had it all worked out. So beautiful The cable management would have been dealt with a custom order from ensourced. So for now still looking for another R9 295X2.


This is not for a mining rig. Its for seti@home. When I'm on my computer I'll be browsing, watching Netflix, and gaming. But when I am sleeping, at work, on vacation, etc. rather than have my expensive system off and just sitting there. Why not have its computing power utilized to further knowledge, for science! 4 GPUs would be utilized for gaming and when I'm away all 6 would be utilized by seti.