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    Different speed defragmentation on different sata drivers.




      I faced strange problem with O&O Defrag 19 Pro. When there was only the official release of Windows 10, it became clear that AMD has not released a SATA driver for its chipsets. I began to use the SATA Driver for Windows 7 on Windows 10. During the year, the use of it worked perfectly. Always after reinstalling Windows 10 and install programs I did defragmentation Complete/Access partition C: \. It took 30-32 minutes. A few weeks ago, AMD released the SATA driver for Windows 10. As I later found out it was not a new driver, and the old that was used for Windows 8.1. They just renamed it and released for Windows 10. I installed it instead of SATA drivers on Windows 7, which I've used before. Now Complete/Access defragmentation takes 1 hour 15 minutes. But why? The differences in the two versions of the drivers, I do not notice it. The extent of data fragmentation is also not changed with the new driver. What changed? Why such significant differences in the speed of defragmentation on two different drivers? Should I return to the SATA driver for Windows 7