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    Freesync not working in Overwatch w/ 16.10.1


      I performed a clean installation of 16.10.1 and I am experiencing bad screen tearing in Overwatch.  I made sure to re-enable freesync in radeon settings (as this usually gets disabled on driver update) and verified my display adapter properties are set to 144hz in windows.  The monitor is connected using the same DisplayPort cable.


      Most of the driver updates since early August have been causing a problem in at least one game I regularly play.  I decided to do a DDU clean and go back to either 16.8.1 or 16.7.X (the last driver that ran most of my games acceptable with crossfire and freesync), and windows became corrupted and stopped booting.  Reinstalled windows and tried again, same thing happened on a fresh installation.


      Freesync seems fine in other titles.



      Two XFX 290X DD in crossfire

      BenQ XL2730Z


      ASUS Crosshair-V Formula-Z


      Anyone having the similar issues or have a suggestion?

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          The freesync range of that monitor appears to be 40-144, so if the FPS gets outside of this range, you will get tearing. I suggest running with one card, and seeing if it is a crossfire issue. When it comes to blizzard games, I just turn on vsync because I have found their games do some strange stuff graphically speaking.

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              Thanks for the reply.  My average framerate is usually between 100-120 with crossfire enabled and freesync enabled (no tearing, very smooth, no vsync).  Overwatch often has issues with freesync and crossfire flickering. Now the tearing is very bad and it feels pretty off. Driver versions 16.7.X to about 16.8.1 worked the best for me across the games I play with Overwatch working fine.  I won't use vsync because the input lag is rough and I paid a good amount for this setup.

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              Replying in case others had similar issues:


              Clean removed 16.10.1 and installed 16.7.3, re-enabled freesync and my system is a lot more stable. 


              My issue with Overwatch on 16.10.1 MIGHT have been due to the poorly labeled but combined resolution/refresh rate setting, I think I had it on 2560x1440 instead of 2560x1440 (*144).  Other games that have proper crossfire support like killing floor 2 had frequently high frame time spikes too on 16.10.1. 


              Since all is well I don't want to go back and try it though, and I'll stick with this driver for another few driver releases.