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    NIXEUS Monitor not on the list


      I am having an issue with the NIXEUS NX-VUE24B not listed on monitor settings.Its coming up as Generic PnP Monitor.Can you please add it to the list and its functions Please?

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          Without a monitor driver, no. I searched but was unable to find one. My Samsung display is the same, but installing the provided monitor driver fixes it.

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              Yeah i've been over this.I have reason to believe because my Monitor is not on the list of drivers for the graphics driver is why i am getting crashes and Over heating in Fallout 4.People who i explained is NOT my power supply refused to believe me an this issue still persist when using HDMI.When using DPI 2 there is no issue.The image will not show up on DPI1.Unless i have a translated port connection to a VGA connection.Re read that carefully.The Translated VGA connection works using a cord that works on my Dynex TV trough display port Input 1.But the Monitor does not work on DPI 1.It is a black screen through the direct cord connection.But does work in DPI 2.


              So Fallout 4.

              Nixeus DVI-D 144 Hz 120fps ( Complete system shut down/Over heating graphics card )

              Nixeus HDMI 120 144 Hz ( Complete system shut down/Over heating graphics card )

              Nixeus DP1 ( Fail ) Will not load

              Nixeus DP2 48fps stable 144Hz [ Fallout4Prefs.ini change iPresentInterval=1 changed to iPresentInterval=0 ] 120fps 144Hz or frame rate lowed to 60 Hz ( Complete system shut down/Over heating graphics card )

              Dynex DP1 60fps 60 Hz

              Dynex DP2 60fps 60 Hz

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              it was fallout 4.Its working again. I didn't do anything.They just patched it an its working right.No crashes on HDMI but on DVI 1.4 still locked at 48fps on a 144Hz setting on the driver.HDMI is now 60fps an its semi-sold.It drops in towns as per normal.Yes.Rocks still look like mountain ranges.So i know is still over tessellated..

              The Dynex is using a connection for Display port to VGA.Because the graphics card does not have a VGA connection.

              No.It is not affecting ANY other games.Only fallout 4.An only at specific resolutions.OH! An get this.You're gonna love this.

              Fallout 4 at lower resolutions give Less performance. 1300x 900 frame rates locked at 30 on a R9 390 on LOW Settings.

              Fallout 4 at 3200x1800 Solid 60fps But the game completely shuts down my computer and it wont turn back on.


              Now i said this before.It sounds like its a scripted command.Why? Because the power wont turn back on.If it was a system crash it should completely shut down the computer.No.its still on.I just cant do anything.So i have to Unplug the game.Once unplugged.I hit the power several times to drain the power.An i am serious it takes a lot of clicks.Because its what i think.Running on its own merit.Like a scripted command.Then the power drains.An the script ends.So now i have control again.An then i plug it back up an can use the computer again.


              As for what drivers.They where all current drivers for Windows 10 64bit.R9 300 series.All the time.Every time.