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w7100 and 4 monitors

Question asked by alphamoose on Oct 7, 2016
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I am trying to attach 4 monitors to one W7100 card. One display 1920 x 1200 75Hz, one monitor 1920 x 1080 70Hz, and two monitors 1920 x 1080 75Hz.


Using the two cables (active display port) that came with the card I have two monitors functioning. However after purchasing two active display port cables I still cannot get the monitors working.


The monitors do show up on the detect monitors but the icons are dark.


I assume my two new adapters are somehow wrong because if I swap monitors but use the two supplied cables these monitors also work.


Any ideas would be helpful? I guess I need to find more active display ports.


If I can get a the 4 monitors interfaced, would I have to make 4 desktops or 1 and extend the desktop over the other three?






Hi Guys,


Had to travel but I am back trying to get my monitors working. Thanks for the help guys but I am still stuck.


I found the latest Crimson software - I uploaded and install but it did not work. There were no error messages It seems like it installed but there is no way to start it.

I found no new icons on my desktop or in the windows shortcut menu bar on the bottom of the screen. I did find the directory on the C drive under AMD  but I can not

figure how to start it. I tried using the AMD FirePro settings and I have two monitors working.  But I cannot detect the other two.


I tried purchasing a couple of Display Port Adapters - one from Cable Matters - Active display Port to DVI Male Adapter and a Display Port Active Adapter

from GoFanco which gives me an HDMI connection for the forth monitor.


No matter what I do I can only see two monitors. I think I need to order two more Active Display Port Cables like the one that came with the card.



As for chaining the monitors- I think they are too old for that - I have not done that before - They have a DVI port and and RGB port - one has an HDMI port.


They all have resolutions about 1920 x 1080


I guess I will try different combinations of the display port cables to determine if it is the port cables or something else.


Meanwhile and clues on how to run Crimson or even if it will work with the W7100 would be helpful.





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I have a new problem - my PC keeps dying ever since I added the W7100 Card. I assumed it was because I kept trying different settings to get the multiple monitors working.


But it does not seem to be the problem. I though it may be temperature based because it happens more frequently when I had CAD running and a You Tube video


The PC just shuts off - no warning no nothing. I have added a GIANT fan and I loaded software to monitor temps.

CPU Core 1-4 about 43 Deg C

Firepro temp 48C

Support IC's on Mother board 25 - 42 C


PC running, but seems to be on the brink - I doubt it is temp- the fan is HUGE- and i'm blowing the letters of the IC's

Ever since I added the card productivity has plummeted and PC hand holding has increased.


As to the monitors

DEL E248WFP 1920 x 1200 75Hz

LG 27MP32 1920 x 1080 75 Hz

ACER 1920 x 1080 - can't get more info right now but I will update this note later

HP PHP2311 1920 x 1080 70 Hz


Once I get the PC stable I will come back and check on any updates






I had no choice but to remove the card. I purchased an NVIDIA card and within 20 min I had all four monitors working.


It is a shame I spent so much money on the card. I am hoping to salvage my investment - I will be building a new PC in the next few months and I will try the card on that system.


So thanks all for your help - I will update in a few months. Consider the matter closed for now.






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