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"Jagged" white edges on graphics - possibly antialiasing?

Question asked by no7892142 on Oct 7, 2016
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I bought a R9 380 just about a month ago - for a while it was fine, but since a few days I get stranged white edges/borders on some graphics - shadows occasionally look bugged as well (white in between).This does not only happen while moving but also is clearly visible while standing still.

The following image (Rocket League menu screen screenshot) hopefully makes the issue clear:


This isn't the best illustration of the problem, but you can clearly see the white .. glitches? edges? .. especially near the windshield.

Changing the antialias settings ingame did not get rid of the issue - additionally, this problem persists over multiple games. Deus Ex:Mankind Divided had the same issues - I will provide a screenshot as soon as I can, if needed.


Anyone got any ideas what causes that? Could it possibly be a hardware defect?

I have tried reinstalling drivers (and cleaning leftovers beforehand), did not change anything.