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    16.10.1 - System crashes randomly


      After I installed 16.10.1 drivers I've had the whole system randomly crash completely. Screen turns into a digital distorted image of all colors, can't do anything, have to shut down the computer. This happens both in a game or just in desktop. The Event Viewer shows nothing but an error message saying there was an unexpected shutdown at the exact time the system crashed, no other details in any of the categories.


      I run a clean system, I've been running the same setup for many years and I never have serious problems. In fact, the only problems I've had the last years have been related to AMD drivers, especially the last 8 months, where I also had to return the gfx card to see if that's where the problem was. But technicians couldn't find anything wrong with it.

      Turns out it was the drivers. This was fixed about 2-3 months ago. But now, with 16.10.1 installed, the system has become unstable.


      I tried to contact some proper customer support for this but no matter where I go on the website, through "contact us", they always redirect me into the forums to "ask questions" to the community. I've searched around here and can't find any related info about this. I only found a lot of people are having crashes during installation of the drivers. I've never had that happen to me.


      Anyone else experiencing this or are there any techs here who can answer this and/or have a temporary workaround?


      System runs on the following:


      OS: Win7 x64

      Mobo: Asus Z87 Pro

      CPU: Intel Core i5 4670K

      RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro DDR3 1600Mhz 2x4GB

      GFX: Sapphire Radeon R9 380 Nitro 4GB

      GFX Drivers: AMD Crimson 16.10.1

      SSD: Samsung 840 Evo 256GB

      PSU: Corsair TX850 v.2.3 - Single 12V rail @ 70A

      Monitor: Benq G2412HD - 1920x1080 - 60Hz


      PS: I don't use Gaming Evolved.

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          I am experiencing the same instability issue , it seems only way to fix is to roll-back to 16.9.2 WHQL.

          I got weird APP crashing while using Chrome and TDR BSOD 1 time while Gaming.(need to reboot my pc)


          I already reported it to AMD Issue Reporting Form

          RX460/win10 64bit


          I suggest you to post more detail described at this thread:


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              Yeah, I'm probably just gonna have to go back to 16.9.1, since 16.9.2 has the same date as 16.10.1 and 9.1 was the previous I had.

              I have no problems in any particular game or anything. It's just random system crash while doing anything. Can be ingame or like the last crash, I was afk with Opera browser up + Winamp playing music. Suddenly I got some serious digital distortion blasting out of my speakers (for a moment I thought a UFO was landing in my livingroom, I think I had a small stroke ) and the screen was just covered in a freeze of colorful digi-noise. I could've taken a picture of it and added here though I doubt it woulda been useful -_-

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                very curious that all other card owners from other manufacturers gigabyte,asus,xfx,powercolor, with the exception of sapphire, we had the same problems that now have you, but now with the new driver 16.10.1 is the problem solution, now only people who have one sapphire, have the problem, I think amd fix everything with 16.10.1 that is the solution for most people, you have to do it is regrear to 16.9.2 the driver that works well with sapphire, I have a XFX and the wonderful driver 16.10.1 all problem is resolved, thanks and congratulations amd by the driver 16.1.10. i have rx 460 4gb.

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                I just got a 380X and I thought it was my setup, but I will try and roll back drivers, and see if it fixes the issue.


                Since you described exactly what happens randomly

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                  An update:

                  First I roll-back to 16.9.2

                  1.uninstall 16.10.1 driver

                  2.Delete any AMD folder in appdata diretory.

                  3.reboot windows and make sure in the device manager, the display item is: Microsoft Basic Display Adapter

                  4.install 16.9.2 WHQL version


                  After some testing for about 1~2 days, I do this again:

                  1.uninstall 16.9.2 WHQL driver

                  2.Delete any AMD folder in appdata diretory.

                  3.reboot windows and make sure in the device manager, the display item is: Microsoft Basic Display Adapter

                  4.install 16.10.1

                  I tested for about 5 hours and it did not crash anymore , really weird.I maybe need to test it longer.


                  Last time I installed 16.10.1 is by upgrading from 16.9.1 non-whql version. And after reboot into desktop, I got some weird crash that did not happen in 16.9.2.


                  I do not know why, maybe my PC will crash again, I do not want to speak too fast, just an update.

                  I whatever is waiting for next driver release, 16.10.1 did not fix the main issue I have.(Fan 100% issue and DXVA instability issue and a Firefox DXVA crash issue).



                  I got a hibernate crash and weird game shutters so I roll-back to 16.9.2 again.

                  For me 16.10.1  is not stable as 16.9.2.

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                      Confirmation: reducing GPU clock speed for each of the seven states by 300 MHz in fact works. For whatever reason, AMD's driver is unstable with clock speeds higher than certain values. This inevitably forces AMD users to run at clock speeds lower than advertised, so the burden is on AMD to get this addressed as soon as possible.i confirmed works on 16.9.2 and 16.9.1 and 16.10.1 for me, before the 16.10.1, this is solution for me, i have the same problem, but whit 16.10.1 the problem is solved for me, but you need try with this temporary solution

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                        Hello Dani,


                        There must be something else going on, I install the new Crimson every time they are available, and have to say I never had any real serious issues, The 16.10.1 being the latest. And No problems. Are you making sure that your doing a clean un-install and making sure that any and all left-overs are purged form your computer?

                        This includes old drivers, old Overclocking apps as well. I also use CCleaner and DDU, ( Also show hidden folders and delete any and all ATI/Amd stuff I find ) and if your comfortable with it I also do the same in the registry. I don't install with any anti-virus, firewall, or internet security during the process. No offense, but you might want to make sure your card and/or PCIe slot(s) are clean and dust free for good insertion of your card(s).Hope you get it sorted out.


                        Regards, Ambrose


                        P.S.  If you care to check this out, I except no responsibility for possible issues that may arise, but as I said I install every Crimson that comes out, but always back up just in case.


                        My Install Steps For Crimson

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                            Thanks for replying.

                            Basically you are right, sometimes we needs to check more details for the unstable issue.


                            But what I see is, If there is any old driver did not remove from system, windows will use it automatically, usually.

                            So I believe Microsoft Basic Display Adapter do mean a clean environment, and a 3rd tweak app can not affect it too.


                            And dust is not the issue for me, I did not use the PC outdoor or factory working place, my PC case is Cooler master CM690III you can see it has dust free design in front/top/bottom. I know there are still some dusts go into inside, but I clean it around every 3~6 weeks.


                            Registry is a part that maybe need to check, but from my experience on HD7850, these are not really helps, only driver update bug fix or RMA helps. Sadly my previously card HD7850 is died forever, I RMA it once and after about 1 or 2 year(I do not remember) normal working it died anyway.