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3 Monitors on R7370 Card

Question asked by steve23 on Oct 7, 2016
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I got my new PC yesterday with a pre-installed R7370 card.


I have a 3 monitor set up which are all on DVI inputs. I have connected them to the card using the 2 DVI outputs and the DP output via an active adaptor (it is defiantly an active one)


Last night I had the common problem where I could only get 2 of the monitors working on the DVI and not he display port. However i could get all 3 to come on using the Eyefinity set up. I created and saved a configuration thinking that was better than nothing and I would work out how to get the 3rd monitor to work without Eyfinity another time.


Today when i booted up the system on the DVI monitors worked, which i suppose i was not surprised at. I then thought ok no problem i will just reactive the Eyefinite setting. The configuration i saved however was not longer in the menu and it wouldn't let me set up a new configuration as it said i only had 2 monitors connected


To make matters worse I updated the software as prompted now my primary display seems to have gone off and I don't have access to any windows or menus.


Thoughts going through my head,


1. Is my active display adaptor ok. I presume it was yesterday as at one point I had the 3 monitor working via Eyefinity but is this the right assumption

2. Am I better of just swapping the 3rd monitor for a new one with a display port and would that definitely work with the 2 DVI connections.

3 How do I get my primary monitor enabled so I can use the PC. Currently I can only see the 2nd monitor which is blank


Any advice would be appreciated