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gigabyte 460 radeon won't wake second display

Question asked by fatmaninexile on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2016 by fatmaninexile

I just bought a gigabyte radeon 460 4gb card and it will not wake the second display when the computer boots or when it comes out of sleep.  I have to shut the monitor off, then turn it back on after the computer is fully booted or awake. The previous card an r9 270x did not do this.  I have updated the drivers to the latest version of 16.9.2 and am stumped at how to fix this.  I am running twin Dell sp2208wfp monitors one through HDMI and the other through DVI (I had been using DP to HDMI adapter and switched for a straight cable)

I tried switching the sleep and power options to various settings, nothing will make the second display light up.

A8 5600k black ops processor
Gigabyte GA-F2a88xm-d3hp
32gb DDR3 GSkill 1866 ran

Samsung Evo III 250 gb SSD
2x4tb Western Digital Black Drives
850W Seasonic 80+ Gold PSU
Windows 10 professional
And the Gigabyte Radeon 460 4gb

No errors come up in the event manager and nothing that I can find in any setting will change this.


Any suggestions?