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this is weird! radeon 16.7.3 was working good but!

Question asked by bader96 on Oct 6, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2016 by bader96

hi guys


i don't know why werid things are always come to me!


amd radeon 16.7.3 was working great with me since 1 month i think!

i haven't had any problem with it!


there's a new version realsed now!


so i did clean install for the new driver 16.9.2

but i can't install it because my windows screen is freezing when it comes to "amd settings" install!


i did a restore . . and i wanted to back to 16.7.3 version but i'm facing the same problem!


i enabled windows updates, disabling my antiviruses, do clean installs by DUU program,  checking out my netframework version "i have the last version"!


and nothing happend and now i have no amd driver on my laptop!




g510 lenovo notebook

windows 10

amd r7 m265


*note: i'm sure that the sloution is too easy but what is it ? i don't know . . because guys . . yesterday amd radeon 16.7.3 worked good with me . and today i can't even install it.


thank you!