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Display is black screen with mouse pointer only after installing crimson driver ver 16.9.1, 9.2, 10.1  but dispay is fine if i revert to crimson driver ver 16.8.2 rc4.  I cant update beyond this driver. Why is this so?

Question asked by ajaybala on Oct 6, 2016

i have Sapphire R9 280x which is working very well. i cannot update the drivers beyond crimson 16.8.2 rc4 because once i do so, the screen immediately becomes black with only the mouse pointer visible. I have to get into safe mode, use the AMD cleanup utility and then revert to 16.8.2 rc4 in order to get my display back. please help me solve this update issue.

i5 4690k

win 10 pro 64 bit

16 gb ddr 3 ram

asus z97 gamer board

sapphire dual x r9 280x