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Windows 10 update traps some systems in a boot loop, Microsoft promises fix [Updated]

Question asked by kingfish on Oct 6, 2016
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Update (10/6/2016): Microsoft insists that this problem only affected people in the Windows Insider Program, though it has not explained why others not in that program would have been impacted by the latest patch. A fix has been pushed out for the issues but the company has provided no details into what went wrong or what the patch fixes. The supposed link to a knowledge base (KB) article that’s supposed to describe the problem is actually dead as of this writing.

For well over a year, Microsoft has tried to position Windows 10 as a new type of operating system — one that’s continually updated without allowing for meaningful customer intervention, with security, driver, and software updates combined together by default and updated on Microsoft’s timeline. Pro customers can delay updates for a period of time, but non-enterprise users aren’t allowed to push them off indefinitely.

The company has repeatedly promised that by giving up this control, its customers will receive more timely updates, features, and improvements. It’s the kind of promise that requires an ironclad commitment to shipping stable software — and Microsoft has been dropping the ball in myriad ways ever since Windows 10 launched. Last week’s update for Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (KB3194496) has trapped some users in an unending reboot loop.

Microsoft has told ZDNet that it’s already in the process of fixing the problem and will release an updated script in the near future. The problem doesn’t affect all users, but issues like this often leave me wondering how machines trapped in an endless boot loop are supposed to get the fix in the first place. Presumably the company will release instructions on how to short-circuit the boot loop manually and apply the appropriate patch.

Windows 10 update traps some systems in a boot loop, Microsoft promises fix [Updated] | ExtremeTech