Possible fix for crashes on 16.9.2+ drivers

Discussion created by schattensoldat on Oct 6, 2016

For the past several days I've been having crashes when attempting to run virtually any fullscreen program.  After trying several drivers (from 16.8.2, to 16.10.1) I was unable to correct the issue.  Finally, I'm thinking it may not be the driver, so I uninstall the Windows update (KB3194496) which installed on 9/26 and lo and behold, NO MORE CRASHES!!   This fix is currently only confirmed for the 16.8.2 driver, I'll reply after installing the 16.10.1 driver to let you guys know how it goes.


My Hardware

AMD FX-8350 (oc at 4556)

ASUS M5099fxpro rev.2

16Gig RAM

XFX 295X2


Edit:  The 16.10.1 driver worked temporarily, but crashed within a few minutes of startup on Warframe, and then was unable to reboot, necessitating a system restore to the 16.8.2 driver.  Uninstalling the KB3194496 update seems to improve stability, but I cannot at this time call it a real fix.