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    Driver crashing every ~20 minutes, black screen + freeze.


      Hi guys, it's me again. I really don't know what to do with my graphic card, so I hope that I'll get better answers here.


      So.. my card (MSI R7 260 1GB OC) is keep crashing all the time. It happends every 20ish minute. I really don't know what to do next with it. Even when I watch movie/listen to the music, or being on facebook/youtube.. It just keeps crashing and I get black screen + freez. Only solution is hard-reset system. I tried few versions of drivers. I tried 16.7.3. and 16.9.2., different windows, different drive disk locations and so on. I believe that card is ok, and that this is driver problem. But this is so anoying and it kills me.


      Rest of my PC is:


      MSI R7 260 OC.

      Asus H81 M-K mobo.

      Intel G1840 CPU.

      Kingston Hyper X Fury 8GB RAM.

      XFX Core Edition PRO 450W PSU

      Toshiba HDD, 1 year old.

      Zalman Z3+ case with 5 fans.

      Acer V226HQLAbd monitor + DVI connected.


      Anyway, help aprecciated.


      I'm opening this thread because I didn't get any good answer on another one, hope U are not mad. And I really don't know if this belongs to the "main" thread. Also appologies for poor english.


      Thank you all anyway.