Preparing for Hurricane Matthew!

Discussion created by adr_tech on Oct 5, 2016
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Hey guys! As many of you may know, Hurricane Matthew is scheduled to hit Florida some time tomorrow. I just wanted to give some tips and pointers ( and honestly just talk about it ) to those who may be getting affected by it. This may be my last post for the time being considering that my power and wifi will be gone due to the weather.


     Well first things first I'm currently a resident in Miami so I wont be getting hit that hard, but still with over 70 mph winds and the like. Those living more upstate will be hit with much harder winds. Here are some tips I can give to protect your computer stuff from getting damaged:


  1. Obviously unplug all your electronic devices that you have connected to any wall outlets
  2. If you are really concerned, move your PC and hardware to a room that is void of windows just in case anything disastrous happens
  3. You should probably more concerned about your ( and your family ) well being more than your PC but hey, if you're like me, my rig is my pride and joy so i keep that sh1t safe.
  4. Oh and stock up on water and supplies but computers don't eat so its not necessary