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Display Driver stopped responding Radeon PowerColor RX 460 2Gb

Question asked by psychoroflit on Oct 5, 2016

After I bought new Radeon PowerColor RX 460 2Gb GPU, i always see problems with display driver.

First version i installed after purchase GPU - was 16.8.2, after that i tried to install another versions of display driver, but it has no given any results,


I tried change overclocking in WattMan and after when i set Power Limit to -50% problem has gone, but i lost a lot of perfomance in games (small pours), but some days ago I dropped settings in WattMan to defaults and had no problems with driver crashes, but yesterday it blew my mind and changing setting in WattMan doesnt solve this trouble.


Somebody knows how to fix it? Driver Updates for several versions do not change the situation.


Add games:


TESO, Fallout 4, Dota 2 and all games (sometimes in Radeon Settings App)