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    Game crash in 2k17




      I buy nba 2k17 recently and my game works perfectly in other modes at 60fps like in 2k16 but this year when i go in the mode call "mypark", after a few secondes/minutes, the game crash. Even with the new patch 1.0.3 of 2k sports, it's not working... i guess is a AMD problem because we are three with the same probeme with same card http://steamcommunity.com/app/385760/discussions/0/343786746003925066/

      We have all a R9 380 gpu


      Also 2k16, the precedent game work perfectly in my park to...

      I noticed, in the 2k17 my park it's not beautiful than 2k16 my park, lines of the court have some problems with aliasing.


      There is my settings :

      Resolution - 1680x1050
      Antialiasing - x4
      Quality antialiasing - 0
      V-sync - On
      Dynamic V-sync - Off
      Buffer count - 3
      Anistropie max - 16
      Everything else with - High or On


      R9 380 4 gb

      i7 4790
      24 gb DDR3
      Monitor 1650x1050


      Thank you for the answer's!

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          Hey man! Sorry to hear this. I was running nba 2k16 on r9 380X and mypark mode was constantly crashing and I could not find any solutions for it but if I remember correctly it started after April update. Anyway, two weeks ago I upgraded my gpu to RX 480 and it runs 2K17 just fine and seems like it is more stable than R9 380X. BUT, I have experienced crashes in nba 2k17 with RX 480 too (especially in my team mode, never experienced crashes in mypark so far). Uninstalling drivers with DDU and installing latest drivers helped me though. Btw, can you copy and past crash report of 2K17. It is located in documents/appdata/roaming/2KSports. I bet report has something related with kernel.dll file. Cheers!


          Edit: Can you try adjusting your fan settings manually? Don't leave it on auto. I don't know whether it is related or just coincidence but if I set my fan settings manually I had never experienced any crashes. I know it is a ridiculous solution but it is worth a shot.

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              Thank you for your help!


              So this is very bad, you buy a gpu who doesn't work this year but it's work perfectly last year with the same settings...

              I try to do very very low settings and it's work but i didn't buy a gpu to play like this...


              Can you be more specific, (sorry my english is bad), i didn't understand what you mean about fan settings manually.

              I always do graphics settings in the game directly.


              Here's what the report contains :















              Thank you again mkb1989

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                  Hey man! You are always welcome. Unfortunately this is the very same crash report that I had.

                  I was trying to say that changing fan settings manually from radeon settings (set fan speed as you wish) but if you are not familiar with using radeon settings, don't use it. Anyway, I recommend you to install latest amd drivers (16.10.1). And please use DDU to uninstall your current drivers. I hope you won't experience it any more. Btw, I never tried my new gpu (RX 480) with 2k16. My other GPU (R9 380X) had same problem with 2K16 and my RX 480 has same problem with 2K17, so it is driver or 2K issue, not GPU. Hope this helps. Good luck man. If I find more solutions I will let you know. Cheers.

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                Still no improvement.

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                  If i can help the amd support, i have talk one month with 2k support and they say, this is a amd problem


                  I have noticed one thing :

                  The game crashing in a different way when i put in the "shader" setting in low. When i do that and i try to go in the park, the application closes himself after few minutes (sometimes during the loading!) and i'm back in windows.

                  And when i do high shader setting in high, the game freeze and i must restart my computer or i would have a strange green screen who can ruin my GPU.


                  So maybe this is a shader problem?


                  Mypark is the only mode who doesn't work. All other modes works find at 60 fps with no crash.


                  I have tried everything i could : (reinstall windows, drivers, directx, framework, ...).

                  This is very frustrating, please AMD leave me at least know if you working on it.

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                      Hey man! Sorry that you couldn't find any solutions yet. I think this issue is related to both r9 380 architecture and drivers. As I said before, after I upgraded to rx 480 I have never experienced crash in my park unlike my r9 380x. Btw, I remember that shader settings affected something in my park in 2k16, so you maybe right. I recommend you to set shader setting medium in game and close shader cache setting in amd radeon settings. I hope this helps. Fingers crossed! Please keep me posted.

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                      Maybe amdmatt and amdpete can help you. But don't be so optimistic, because r9 380 and 380x have crash/driver issues since day one (with crimson drivers). Btw, can you try to lower every graphic settings to medium or low and set dynamic vsync on before playing in mypark. This is my final bet. Good luck and keep me posted as always

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                        Doesn't work too. Even i play with the minimalist graphics settings and resolution, it's still crashing.


                        I did another try, and i find something could be interessting. I try to play with shader in "high" to provocate deliberaty a freeze (game freezing and you need to restart computer) and not a crash (game just returning to windows). To do a "MsInfo" and i find this :


                        29/11/2016 17:54 Application Error Nom de l’application défaillante : RadeonSettings.exe, version :, horodatage : 0x582b750f
Nom du module défaillant :atidxx64.dll, version :, horodatage : 0x582b7033
Code d’exception : 0xc0000005
Décalage du défaut : 0x00000000005a712f
ID processus défaillant : 0x1478
Heure de démarrage de l’application défaillante : 0x01d24a5a88a8dbee
Chemin de l’application défaillante : C:\Program Files\AMD\CNext\CNext\RadeonSettings.exe
Chemin du module défaillant : C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\c0308829.inf_amd64_710d0aa1ca0ea9e0\atidxx64.dll
Code de rapport : ddf70781-6701-492f-99eb-7b1f012d72a7
Nom complet de l’ensemble défaillant : 
ID de l’application relative à l’ensemble défaillant :


                        So i have try to download atidxx64.dl in this site web : https://fr.dll-files.com/atidxx64.dll.html and to remplace it

                        But no significant change.


                        I have sent a message to amdmatt et amdpete, hope they can help.

                        Thanks for your help anyway mbk, your are nice!