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Game crash in 2k17

Question asked by kleed on Oct 5, 2016
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I buy nba 2k17 recently and my game works perfectly in other modes at 60fps like in 2k16 but this year when i go in the mode call "mypark", after a few secondes/minutes, the game crash. Even with the new patch 1.0.3 of 2k sports, it's not working... i guess is a AMD problem because we are three with the same probeme with same card

We have all a R9 380 gpu


Also 2k16, the precedent game work perfectly in my park to...

I noticed, in the 2k17 my park it's not beautiful than 2k16 my park, lines of the court have some problems with aliasing.


There is my settings :

Resolution - 1680x1050
Antialiasing - x4
Quality antialiasing - 0
V-sync - On
Dynamic V-sync - Off
Buffer count - 3
Anistropie max - 16
Everything else with - High or On


R9 380 4 gb

i7 4790
24 gb DDR3
Monitor 1650x1050


Thank you for the answer's!