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    AMD A8 thermal margin


      Hello, I have a question about the working temperature of my APU


      First of all, this is my PC:

      AMD A8 5600k 3.6 GHz


      G.Skill 2X4GB DDR3 1866 MHz

      Sapphire RX 480 4gb

      500 gb HDD

      EVGA 600W 80 bronze


      So, It's clear that CPU bottlenecks the GPU, meaning that, when gaming, the A8 is on full load, if I undestand correctly. Nevertheless, the proccesor should work at fine thermal margins at its 100% use.

      Basichally I want to know if my thermal margins are ok. This is while playing CS:GO at 140 fps:


      I have the stock cooler, good airflow in the case and the thermal paste (Arctic) was applied recently, by a technician.

      What are your thoughts on this?


      thank you

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          If that reading of 60.88*C is the maximum core temperature, then yes it is fine as the A8-5600k has a Tmax of 74*C.

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              Hi, thanks for answering. Actually, 60.88 ° C was the maximen margin, so, if the value to calculate the margin in 74°. Ther core temp when the margin was 60.88 was 74-60.88= 13.22. So the max temperature reached was 74-14.12 = 59.88°C.

              But I'm not sure if the sofware's value of reference is 74°C

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                  Use CoreTemp or AIDA64 to get the actual core temperature reading, AMD Overdrive's thermal margin reporting is about as useless as it can get.

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                    Don't use AOD's temp margins as they are incorrect. As noted AIDA64, HWiNFO, OCCT and Core Temp will read the processor temps correctly in the 60C-70C range. There is a processor built in over-temp program that lowers the CPU frequency and vcore if the CPU is running above the designated maximum operating temp. If all else fails and the processor gets too hot, the computer will completely shut down to protect the processor from thermal destruction.

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                        Yes, the proccessor have that function in order to prevent malfunction or damage, but mine shows very high since the day I built it, to be exact 4 months ago:


                        AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G       TDP Limit    65.2 Watts In order to avoid heat damage or at least I think so.

                        ASUS A88XM-A

                        Cooler Master 480W PSU

                        R7 200 Dual Graphics (Sapphire R7 240 2GB)

                        HDD1: WDC WD3200AVBS-00TAA0 298.1 GB

                        HDD2: ST500DM002-1BD142 465.8 GB

                        DDR3 (1333) 4GB




                        I just hope the TMPIN0 shown here and also on other tools like CPU-Z and HWMonitor is the processor accurate temp:


                        Hardware monitor AMD ADL

                        Voltage 0 0.80 Volts [0x320] (VIN0)

                        Temperature 0 32°C (89°F) [0x20] (TMPIN0)

                        Fan 0 749652 RPM [0xB7054] (FANIN0)

                        Clock Speed 0 300.00 MHz [0x12C] (Graphics)

                        Clock Speed 1 300.00 MHz [0x12C] (Memory)


                        TDP Limit 65.2 Watts

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                            As noted by others do NOT use AOD Thermal Margins for APU/CPU temps as they are incorrect. Core Temp, HWiNFO, OCCT, AIDA64 will all provide an accurate APU/CPU temp in the 60C-70C range. All APUs tend to run hot because you have both a CPU and a GPU running constantly in one processor assembly. That is why they have a higher maximum internal temp rating than a stand alone CPU. Your APU can run at 71C internal temp 24/7 without any issues what so ever. The actual TDP can vary and it will not hurt the APU if it exceeds the stated 65w TDP.  The TDP is primarily for system builders to understand the normal design power of the processor.


                            All overclocked CPUs exceed the stated TDP. Typical 8-core FX-8000 series processors have a TDP of 125w. AMD overclocks these CPUs to produce the FX-9000 series CPUs - which have a 220w TDP - from the very same FX-8000 series CPU that at lower vcore voltage has only a 125w TDP. Even with a ~76% over TDP, the FX-9000 CPUs run just fine 24/7 as long as a proper HSF is used to cool them.