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thermal runaway on A88X chipset

Question asked by alonzotg on Oct 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by alonzotg

Hey, I've been having awful reliability problems with two versions of a certain Gigabyte board I had been trying to use. I have replaced all components in the machine, including the case, multiple times to utter frustration.


I think I have managed to nail it to a thermal runaway condition on the A88X chip.


Using a temperature probe jammed in the heatsink, which will lag the actual temperature and be somewhat lower too, reading in Fahrenheit... Room is ~76 degrees F.


Idle-> light load    114 degrees F.


When playing Fallout 4 the temperature rises gradually to 125 degrees F then, as the game hard freezes, the temperature quickly spikes to 128 F. It remains at this temperature, while the machine is hard locked for about five minutes then drops to normal. At the ten minute mark the machine reboots to desktop.


I'm too broke to even RMA the board right now, so I would like hard guarantees that this will be fixed if I do, because I have two boards showing the same symptoms. =|


Yes, there is a green company GPU in the system...