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    thermal runaway on A88X chipset


      Hey, I've been having awful reliability problems with two versions of a certain Gigabyte board I had been trying to use. I have replaced all components in the machine, including the case, multiple times to utter frustration.


      I think I have managed to nail it to a thermal runaway condition on the A88X chip.


      Using a temperature probe jammed in the heatsink, which will lag the actual temperature and be somewhat lower too, reading in Fahrenheit... Room is ~76 degrees F.


      Idle-> light load    114 degrees F.


      When playing Fallout 4 the temperature rises gradually to 125 degrees F then, as the game hard freezes, the temperature quickly spikes to 128 F. It remains at this temperature, while the machine is hard locked for about five minutes then drops to normal. At the ten minute mark the machine reboots to desktop.


      I'm too broke to even RMA the board right now, so I would like hard guarantees that this will be fixed if I do, because I have two boards showing the same symptoms. =|


      Yes, there is a green company GPU in the system...

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          Who's to say this is not a troll/shill post ?.

          If you were saying 114-128 celcius, then there would be a problem.

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              Providing the information below will get you a faster response from the community.


              Describe your system:

              • AMD Graphics Card
                • Make and model; e.g. AMD R9 290X

              I said green company card, I have tried two different green company cards, and a third RMA'd variant of one of those. NO EFFECT, machine runs fine when card is absent though, albeit too slow for purpose.


              • Desktop or Laptop System
                • If a laptop, make and model of the Laptop

              Desktop, implied.


              • Operating System
                • E.g. Windows 10 64bit

              Irrelevant (Win7/64)

              • Driver version installed
                • E.g. Radeon Software Crimson Edition 15.12

              Latest green company drivers, not possible to update AMD drivers while green company card is installed.


              • Display Devices
                • Make and model, connection/adapter in use, resolution and refresh rate; e.g. Samsung UE32850R 3840x2160 @60Hz Active DP to HDMI adapter


              One HDMI output from green company card to home theater system. The home theater system is not under suspicion.


              • Make and model; e.g. Asus P8P67 Deluxe


              Well, it's a gigabyte, and it has an A88X, this alone narrows it down to a tiny handful of boards....

              If you really must know, it's the GA-F2A88XM-D3H, both versions 3.0 and 3.1 show the exact same symptoms.


              • CPU/APU
                • Make and model number; e.g. FX 9590


              A10 Kevari


              • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage
                • E.g. Thermaltake TR2 700W Gold


              I've tried several different supplies, can't remember what's in there right now, I know it's a 650 though. I am using both cable harnesses to power the GPU.


              • RAM
                • Amount of memory installed; e.g. 16GB


              Yeah, AMD brand ram, DDR3 2100, very good shiz, not under suspicion.


              Describe your issue:

              • Provide a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing and the steps required to reproduce the issue.


              Run *****ANY**** 3D game or demo for more than a few minutes in a room above 76 degrees F apparently, current case is very well ventilated, 3x 120mm fans in a mATX tower... When my AC died a few months ago it was not possible to get any service whatsoever out of the machine. My other machine ran perfectly.


              • Details about applications/games affected (including version number)

              ALL and ALL, This is definitely not a software problem.


              • Graphical settings used in the application/game (resolution and 3D settings)

              1080p, settings have no effect, lowest possible settings will crash just as quickly as highest possible settings.




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              Most chips that have heat sinks on a motherboard should work ok up to 80-100C. non heat sink about 40-60C, some VRM`s can work at 125C . Check to see if  there is any temperature  monitoring in  the bios. Any direct cooling on the chips would help thermals a lot. I use HWInfo it displays all the temperature and voltage  sensors on the motherboard and would give you a good idea if thermals or voltages are an issue.

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                I had a nice couple of days where the room temperature was around 73-74 degrees and I could play Fallout 4 as hard as I wanted... Today I was playing Space Engineers but the room temperature is 77-78 and the thing just hard-freezes. The failure pattern is pretty much exactly as described in original post. The temperature at the heatsink rises from an idle 114.5, to 125 then the freeze happens, it then spikes to 128, and slowly cools to 120 or so at which point it reboot and and QUICKLY falls to 114.5 again... =(


                I do my best to be an AMD fanboi but this is really trying my patience... I'm typing this on a Phenom II 1090T on a 990FX and it hasn't exhibited any symptoms of any kind since I figured out that the memory that had 1.50v stamped at it didn't really work above 1.45v... =\