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A8-7600 - Linux Mint KDE 17.3 - No drivers will work in X - CodeXL says there are no GPUs in the A8-7600

Question asked by lab51 on Oct 3, 2016

Hello, all.


I'm starting to regret the purchase of an A8-7600. I've had nothing but problems with the GPU.


I'm running Linux Mint 17.3 KDE with 16GB Ram.  Any AMD driver that I install from the AMD site breaks X and I have to remove the driver before I can get to the graphical interface.

I have installed the OpenCL SDK and CodeXL. Code XL reports that there are no GPUs present.

I'm also using BOINC for seti@home. It also reports that there are no GPUs present.

The AMD Control Center will hang during installation and never complete.

I've also tried installing the AMD drivers via Synaptic package manager and apt-get. In all cases as soon as a driver is installed my system will not run X.


They do build these things with 6 CPU cores in them, don't they? Or are some shipped without. :/   Seriously, are there *any* AMD drivers for Linux that actually work? Is it even possible to use the 6 GPU cores in the A8 chip??? I'm very disappointed with this purchase. If I can't resolve this problem I'll have to replace my motherboard and buy an i7 chip.