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    R9 290 wattman crash


      Since a few weeks my pc keeps crashing.

      When i restart my pc i get the message "Default Radeon WattMan settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure".

      The pc only crashes when i am playing a game. (it doesn't matter what game) or watching something on Youtube.

      The screen turns black the audio keeps going for a few seconds than it crashes.

      After a few crashes i can play or watch for a few hours and then it crashes again.


      When i first had this error it was only once a week now it is multiple times a day.


      I have a R9 290 4GB graphics card

      Windows 10 64 bit

      16.9.2 driver installed (already uninstalled the driver and reinstalled them. Also tried other versions)

      I have this card for almost 2 years and haven't changed anything to my system only updating the software. So i don't think it is a hardware issue.


      Does anyone know why i get this error and what i can do about it?



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          I don't think wattman is compatible with the R9 290 series. I have a 290x and it's never been offered/included in driver updates. Seems to me it's only for the 480 or something.

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            R9 280X user here, on 16.10.2. I am experiencing this wattman crash constantly despite the fact I can't even access wattman. It occurred constantly on 16.9 as well but the newest update did not help. I am very frustrated with this. I was having absolutely no troubles at all until the stupid 16.9 release and now my computer is useless for playing video games.

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              I have the same problem. In my case once I return home, turn on PC and launch youtube, after a minute or two PC freezes (both screen and sound) and I have to hard reset. After reset I get the same WattMan message and everything is fine til next day.


              Drivers 16.9.2

              Win 7 64b SP1

              Board Radeon 280X Toxic

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                I have the same problem. In my case once I return home, turn on PC and launch youtube, after a minute or two PC freezes (both screen and sound) and I have to hard reset. After reset I get the same WattMan message and everything is fine til next day..


                HELP US AMD!!!

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                  OK Guys, I have filed a bug report with AMD since 16.12.2 and as of 17.1.1., my problem seems to be better. Read through the whole post and see if the solutions apply to you. Oh and contrary to what many of you mentioned, Wattman is available for many cards, including mine. According to AMD documents, Wattman is basically AMD Overclocking utility and can be accessed in Gaming -> Global Settings (or any listed games) -> Global/Profile OverDrive. See performance info from Global Overdrive.


                  Problem 1:

                  My card (R9 270) is about 2.5 years old and everything was alright until 16.12.1. I started getting BSODs to DirectX dll. The crashes were so bad my Win 10 was trashed. Even the Image was corrupted and I had to reinstall from DVD. This is probably caused by Intel RST not being able to re-sync the SSD and HDD after a crash when BSODs keeping crashing the system.


                  Raptr & some stuff from the old drivers were 'disabled' in Win 10 Pro 64bit Startup. I started noticing issues with ReLive even though I don't use it and it is disabled. My Xbox streaming was also ON during that time (17.1.1 Release Note mentioned a conflict with Xbox streaming so it's OFF now.)


                  Solution 1:

                  I'm pretty sure ReLive had some conflict with one of these and I completely uninstalled all AMD related stuff including legacy program and manually deleting folders and registry keys.


                  This made the system a bit more stable and I stopped having so many BSODs.


                  Problem 2:

                  However, I started getting Wattman crashes and the AMD Radeon Setting will hang on launch. I had to kill the process and go to Gaming -> Global Setting to view the histogram to figure out why the card was performing badly. I started noticing the VRAM will get stuck at 1400mhz out of a maximum of 1500mhz for my card even though there was NO activity. GPU temp was on the high side and fan was about 30%.


                  And you guessed it! I was running video apps or browser pages with animation. Heck, even AMD Radeon Settings can trigger a Wattman crash due to the alpha-blending animation in app. When I'm playing game, I don't get any crashes because I overclocked the Fan to 100% for all my games, which also cools the VRAM. So this leads me to a conclusion.


                  For some reason, the Radeon driver or ReLive hang and the VRAM (being stuck at high clock speed) started to overheat due to insufficient air-flow. I adjusted the VRAM frequency (Memory Clock) down to 1200Mhz and Apply the setting. This helped the system from BSOD but Wattman will still crash occasionally when I use Origin client or any programs that has a lot of animation. I just had to kill the Radeon Settings: Host Process and reopen the program to get back to normal. It seems 17.1.1 is a bit more stable but the underlying issue or VRAM overheating is not addressed.


                  Hopefully this bug report / observation / solutions helps you guys and AMD troubleshoot the underlying problem. Cheers maties!

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                      OK guys, here's the latest. Something is definitely overheating in my GPU and it got so bad that I can't even play Fallout Shelter. Since this is my primary PC, I decided to buy a brand new Sapphire RX 480 4GB. Lo & Behold! Everything just worked! So I stressed it with all kind of workload and not a single stutter or flicker, strange screen artifacts and no BSOD.

                      Prior to this I did a memtest for GPU and that came back normal, so my conclusion is either the GPU chip itself is faulty (after only 2+ years) or the heatsinkfan is not mated properly anymore, something that can happen due to PCB flex over time. I will take it apart and reapply thermal paste and see which it is.

                      If you can, buy or borrow a used AMD card and try it. Could be a hardware issue.

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                      I just had this happen to me. My outlet fans speed up and my screens don't respond. I even took out the video card and no response. Is this a video card thing or mother board.