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AMD CPU high temperature value issue

Question asked by jenhua on Oct 3, 2016


We are designing new mother board, which CPU is AMD CPU Merline Falcon.

Problem we met is that we get different CPU temperature value between Win7 and Win10 after running CPU stress testing.

Temperature value in Win10 is almost over 8°C than temperature value in Win7.

The AMD driver installed in Win7 or Win10 are the same version and we didn’t setup any power management of them.


<Test Step>


Step 1. We setup temperature meter to measure real CPU temperature value.

Step 2. Boot to Win7 (or Win10)

      (In Win OS, we only setup driver package and AMD stress tool)

Step 3. Run AMD stress tool over 4 hours. (The CPU temperature already be stable)

Result :

    CPU temperature (Win7) : 90°C

    CPU temperature (Win10) : 98°C



Our customer want us to provide information why we get different CPU temperature range between Win7 and Win10.

Maybe it is something different about OS architecture or power management architecture.

Does anyone have information to explain this situation ?