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Is my FX-8350 running too hot?

Question asked by h3ndo08 on Oct 2, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by techguy

Hi all,


I recently bought a new MSI 970 Gaming Motherboard and RAM for my PC and my FX-8350 is running hotter than it did before. I have a Noctua NH-U9S cooler which worked perfectly fine and kept the cpu cool before I upgraded the motherboard. I use HWMonitor to take the temperature readings and was wondering if 35-45c idle and 55-70c while gaming are ok temperatures for my cpu? I keep reading that the safe temp for the 8350 is around 61c but I'm not sure if it is dangerous at 70 or just "not recommended". Someone please help as I'm worried that I may be damaging my cpu while playing games