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AMD Radeon R5 Black screen

Question asked by dar3echo on Oct 2, 2016

Hello, a few months after the Windows 10 update my AMD catalyst center got uninstalled with the Quickstream app due compatibility issues.

Here is my pc info:


Sin título.png

Also before the w10 update I have w8.1 and my pc worked correctly, so the problem is this; When I turn on (or start my pc) the screen stays in black, I need to reset it directly by pressing the power button again, and again until that the screen works, if I try more than 3 times windows starts an ¨Scan and a Automatic repair¨ I send my pc to fix them the guy reset my pc 3 times, cleaned the memory n stuff but stills with the damn problem.


I installed the most recent drivers for the w10 version but stills the same..

¿What I need to do? I tried everything but the screen stills black.


Help please