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    Is sapphire RX 460 4gb wont work in a VGA to DVI adaptor?


      I recently bought a Sapphire Nitro RX 460 4gb. And i have a Acer x193w monitor. my monitor only have a vga port. so i tried to buy a vga to dvi adaptor. (see attached photo 1st). But unfortunately, no signal detected. What should i do? should i buy this DP to vga adapter converter? (see attached photo 2nd).

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          the dvi port on the RX series of graphics cards is a  DVI-D type meaning a digital only signal. VGA is an  analogue signal. So you need an active digital to analogue adaptor. They normally come with a socket for mini usb cable to power it.  This is the same for display port so be on your guard for cheap unpowered adaptors that do not work. . Here's a link explaining in more detail http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/pc-peripheral/how-tell-dvi-i-dvi-d-cables-apart-3365585/ Your second photo, lots of people have bought this  adaptor only to find out they do not work.

          just looked at specs on your monitor it says dvi-d and vga connector. if it has dvi-d just buy a dvi-d to dvi-d cable


          When using the Display port Adaptor I had to add  1080p display setting using the Radeon  Additional Settings  HDTV support. tick 1080p  50Hz or 60Hz.


          further down the page select 1080p 50Hz or 60Hz

          then apply format

          for some strange reason the windows screen size adapter set it self to 59 Hz and screen wasn't centralised. I changed windows screen size adaptor to 60Hz and it centralised