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AMD Installer installed Raptor with my driver update and now my laptop is jammed

Question asked by toobusy on Oct 2, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by black_zion

I have a basic laptop (not a gaming one).


HP Pavilion 15-n019WM  AMD Duel-core A6-5200 Accelerated Processor  / 4G DDR3 SDRAM system memory / 750G SATA hard drive.  Radeon HD 8400 Grapics / 2092 mb total graphics memory
Wiindows 10 annivserary update 64 bit    Laptop




After the windows 10 annv update, a lot of my self installed programs would not work correctly unless I reinstalled them.   I noticed I also had a new "screen flash" every time I opened the laptop or the first time I would go to a graphic intensive website.   I thought maybe I needed in reinstall the graphics driver that I had updated since I got the laptop. 


I came to AMD and let the auto tool tell me which driver to install as I am NOT tech savvy at all.   It said Crimson was the correct one and I clicked on the download button and waited.   I then opened the download and the AMD installer came up and I told it to install the drivers.   Again, not being tech savvy, I had no idea this installed was loaded with software/apps such as RAPTOR and something to do with TV of some sort.  If I had known, I would not have used the installer as I HATE preloaded software.


I waited and when it said a restart was needed, I said ok.  Then my laptop became useless.


It now takes over 5 mins to boot up.   It will NOT allow me to boot into safe mode!!!   Im guessing because it's using up so much of my laptop resources and it's takes 5-8 mins to make a simple command.


I turned down the brightness and removed the wireless mouse to free up some resources and that has allowed me to use the touchpad for a few seconds before it jams up.  I was able to open task manager and watch the disk usage rise up to over 98% but before I could scroll down the list to find which program is doing that, it freezes up.  Somehow, my husband was able to see that the RAPTOR program that installed with the AMD installer is part of the issue.  At one point, we were able to open Control Panel/ add remove programs (not called that anymore of course) and saw the Raptor and the TV programs but it jammed up before we could try to remove them.


So, now what?    I have a nice bricked laptop that has a window of a few seconds to use the pointer but whatever program comes up, uses up the rest of the resources and it jams again.   It will NOT boot into safe mode (repeated tapping of F8 or the SHIFT F8 that the internet has said will work for Windows 10).


Has the AMD installer destroyed my laptop by installing these programs that my laptop apparently can't handle?  I just wanted to simple driver---nothing more and now I'm at a loss for what to do to fix this.   Again, I am not tech savvy so any ideas, help-- needs laymen terms.


Thank you...