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firepro which version suits me best ?

Question asked by babarokas on Oct 3, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2016 by babarokas

Recently I have started to use  Solidworks and have issues where my PC closes down during the rending process.

After reading a few articles on the internet, it seems if I upgraded my graphics card to a firepro this would eliminate my issues.

Is this the case ?


I currently run

OS - windows 7 ultimate 64bit

motherboard - Gigabyte model (to be filled by O.E.M.)

Graphics  - AMD radeon HD 7700 series

Processor - AMD FX 8320 eight core processor (8 CPUs) 3.5 GHz

memory - 16384 MB RAM

directx 11


My questions

1. Which version of firepro would I need to buy to use solidworks with no issues?,

looking on the AMD website there are versions 2270, w2100, w5100, w9100, s400, w5100 ranging from $100 to $4000

I am a CAD designer, not a graphics card expert so it is all a bit confusing.


2. would this be compatible with my system as I was looking to upgrade my graphics card, not the whole system if possible.

Any assistance would be much appreciated as I really need to get this problem fixed ASAP so that I can get back to work.