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    Pseudo instruction version error (amdgpu)


      I'm currently writing some OpenCL code (in Linux). For code that works fine on a Intel CPU the following error arrises when I try to use the AMD GPU:


           AMDGPUMCInstLower::lower - Pseudo instruction doesn't have a target-specific version: 317


      This code produces the error for example (but only if lines 33 and 35 are there, if they are commented out the error goes away: https://paste.pound-python.org/show/k4unI4Bf1TVDEiAZj7be/

      The error occurs also in other codes in (like it seams) unrelated positions but sometimes with other numbers at the end.

      I could not find anything about this type of error. Updating LLVM and Mesa to a newer version did also not change anything.

      My configuration:

      • GPU: Polaris 11 (Radeon RX 460)
      • Driver: amdgpu
      • Kernel: 4.7.5 (Gentoo)
      • Mesa: 12.0.3
      • LLVM: 3.8.1-rc2
      • gcc/gfortran: 6.2.0

      What exactly does this error mean and how can I get rid of it? It causes the build to fail and makes OpenCL essentially unusable at the moment.